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5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Using Micro-Infusion

Written by Our Editorial Team

Written by Our Editorial Team

If you find yourself switching skincare products every month, you’re not alone.
There are too many creams and serums on the market that promise either short-term or ineffective results.
On the other hand, clinic-based treatments offer better results but aren’t sustainable. They’re too costly to maintain on a regular basis.
You shouldn’t have to choose between healthy skin and outrageous costs. You deserve clinical quality and clinical effectiveness at a price you can afford.
That’s why Qure’s Micro-Infusion System is the glow-up you’ve been waiting for – a science-backed treatment minus the clinical price tag.
The Qure Micro-Infusion System has the same technology dermatologists use to transform skin from dull to dewy at 15x less than the average clinic’s price.
Here are 5 reasons why everyone’s using the Qure Micro-Infusion System.
Saves time & money Say goodbye to switching creams and other products every month. The Micro-Infusion System is the at-home skincare treatment that saves you hundreds of dollars.
Quick and easy 5-minute facial booster with no downtime Unlike at-home needle roller devices, Micro-Infusion doesn’t require downtime and is virtually painless. Your skin also heals faster.
Increases absorption of serum by 300% for better results The 2-in-1 system stimulates collagen production and infuses clinically-formulated serums of your choice, into the top layer of your skin, accelerating absorption.
Safe to be performed from the convenience and comfort of your home Cut out queueing in line at the clinic. With the Qure Micro-Infusion System, you can easily and safely perform it from home in less than 5 minutes. Get clinical results without leaving your couch.
Treatment serums customized to your skin target your specific concerns Choose the exact serum to use in your micro-infusion treatment, or get both and mix them together to experience a complete set of benefits that treat your specific skin concerns.
The Results
Fine Lines & Blemishes | 93% saw smoother, clearer skin Smooths bumpy skin texture & evens out skin tone Stimulates natural collagen production for firmer, plumper skin & softer fine lines Helps fade dark spots, post-acne marks, and hyperpigmentation
Skin Tone & Texture | 90% reported brighter, glowing skin Brightens the skin for a healthier, more radiant complexion Helps fade dark spots for more even-toned skin Increases hydration and plumps skin for a dewy appearance
Overall Transformation | 91% reported brighter, glowing skin Skin appears brighter, smoother, and more youthful Enhanced skincare results with up to 300% better absorption Promotes cell renewal and minimizes the appearance of pores and wrinkles
Trusted & Recommended By World-Leading Dermatologists  “In terms of safety, the microstamping devices, this [Qure's Micro-Infusion] is great…” – Dr. Maxfield, MD, Certified Dermatologist  “These devices definitely work but using them safely is the key to long term results…” – Dr. Shah, MD, Certified Dermatologist

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