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    • FDA-cleared device that treats acne, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.
    • Customizable treatment on 5 facial areas for your specific skin concerns.
    • Quick 3 minute, wireless daily treatments with convenient hands-free operation.
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Get The Best Results With
Neck & Décolletage LED Therapy
Neck & Décolletage LED Therapy
All-In-One Face Serum
All-In-One Face Serum
Get The Best Results With
Neck & Décolletage LED Therapy
Neck & Décolletage LED Therapy
All-In-One Face Serum
All-In-One Face Serum

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Michelle S.

Verified customer


smoother facial wrinkles and fine lines

  • Reduces depth of wrinkles and smooths fine lines.
  • Stimulates natural collagen for firmer, fuller skin.
  • Calms redness and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion.

In a Clinical Trial...

...8 out of 10 subjects reported a significant reduction in periorbital wrinkles

Read more about clinical Study

Clinical Study

87% experienced a reduction in the Fitzpatrick wrinkling severity score via a blinded clinical assessment. Improvements in skin appearance observed in LED-treated individuals suggested that LED at 660 nm is a safe and effective collagen-enhancement strategy. No adverse events or downtime were reported.

About the clinical trial

Clinical trial was conducted and investigated the potential of light-emitting diode (LED) treatments with a 660 nm. LED effects were then assessed in aged/photoaged individuals in a split-face single-blinded study.

Reference: SOURCE: J Invest Dermatol. 2009 Dec;129(12):2751-9. doi: 10.1038/jid.2009.186. Epub 2009 Jul 9

Dark Spots and Uneven Skin Tone


Verified customer


improved skin tone and enhanced smoothness

  • Soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits reduces redness and inflammation.
  • Fades appearance of dark spots for more radiant, even-toned skin.
  • Heals and rejuvenates skin, helping with sun damage, hyperpigmentation.

In a Clinical Trial...

...91% of subjects have a brighter skin tone and 82% reported enhanced smoothness of skin after 12 weeks

Read more about clinical Study

Clinical Study

Treatment of the periorbital region was reported more effective than the nasolabial region. At 12-week follow-up, 91% of subjects reported improved skin tone, and 82% reported enhanced smoothness of skin in the treatment area.

About the clinical trial

Thirteen subjects with sun damage signs followed a 5-week course of LED therapy with combined wavelengths of 633 and 830 nm and assessed the subject's perception of the treatment. Sun-damage reduction was assessed at 6, 9, and 12 weeks by clinical photography and patient satisfaction scores.

Reference: J Cosmet Dermatol. 2007 Sep;6(3):189-94. doi: 10.1111/j.1473-2165.2007.00329.x.

Acne and Breakouts

BJ Nardi.

Verified customer


reduction of acne breakouts

  • Reduces acne and prevents future breakouts by eliminating bacteria.
  • Heals and fades post breakout marks for more even tone skin.
  • Rapidly reduces inflammation and regulates oil production.

In a Clinical Trial...

...Acne count was significantly reduced by 46% after 4 weeks 

Read more about clinical Study

Clinical Study

After 4 weeks: The mean lesion count reduction was significant at 46%

After 12 weeks: The mean lesion count reduction was also significant at 81%.

Patient and dermatologist assessments were similar. Severe acne showed a marginally better response than mild acne. Side effects were minimal and transitory. Comedones did not respond as well as inflammatory lesions.

About the clinical trial

Clinical trial was conducted on twenty-four subjects, Fitzpatrick skin types II-V, with mild to severe symmetric facial acne vulgaris. Subjects were treated, alternating between 415 nm blue light and 633 nm red light from a light-emitting diode (LED)-based therapy system. Acne was assessed at baseline and at weeks 2, 4, 8 and 12.

Reference: J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2006 Jun;8(2):71-5. doi: 10.1080/14764170600735912.

Trusted and recommended by world leading Dermatologists

Trusted and recommended by world leading Dermatologists

"This is my absolute favorite mask. It’s quick, effective and patients see drastic results"

Dr Shah, MD Certified Dermatologist

"After trying countless masks on the market this comes out on top. Build, clinical wavelengths, the usability of the app, it’s unbeatable."

Dr Maxfield, MD Certified Dermatologist



Qure has a fully customized mask which has 5 clinical-grade wavelength for anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation and acne and app makes it very easy to customize and control..."

Dr Prem, Board Certified Dermatologist

"Qure's anti-ageing treatment gets down deep into your skin to stimulate collagen & makes a big difference in skin texture, decreasing fine lines & wrinkles."

Dr Greeney, Board Certified Dermatologist

"This is one of my faves from @qureskincare. It’s a high quality mask and personalizable"

Dr Maxfield, Board Certified Dermatologist

"I like this one because it allows you to customize your treatment... This is a great skin care investment"

Dr Natasha Henry, Medical Doctor

"Qure’s LED mask combines red lights and blue lights, meaning it can benefit EVERYONE"

Dr Sarah Too, Medical Doctor

"It's the only LED mask on the market that pairs with an app and is customizable"

Dr Zeitany, Board Certified Dermatologist

"I have been using this mask with the anti-breakout settings, which has been fantastic to help clear up my complexion in only two weeks."

Dr Hunter, NHS & Aesthetics Doctor

Results you‘ll see with your own eyes

Teresa S.


Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“I was very skeptical when my husband bought this mask for me. But after 6mo the results are amazing!! I’ve tried numerous serums for my sun spots but nothing worked until I used this mask. Definitely worth the money."

Tiffany L.

Renewed Skin!

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

"My Qure mask has been amazing! As someone who struggles with acne and rosacea, your LED light therapy mask has improved my skin so much that I can now feel comfortable without any makeup. I’m very happy with this product!"


Highly recommend!

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“I have only been using it for a month. Prior to using this my skin was flaky & dry. My skin barrier has been severely damaged for the past 2 years where almost anything I use burns, but in 1 month this mask has lightened my hyperpigmentation considerably as well as helped to give a bit of a boost to the area under my eye (a delightful surprise). My friends have mentioned that my skin is definitely glowing. Highly recommend!”

Terri P.

Wish I had this technology years ago!

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“After two weeks I began to see results and after six weeks the changes in my skin were dramatic. I have now been using Qure six months and loving the compliments! I bought masks for my daughters for Christmas so they could start at a younger age…. I wish this technology had been available when I was younger. I am 76 years old! Photos below are after 6 weeks.”

BJ Nardi

Completely qured my acne

Reviewed in Canada

Verified customer

“This is the first time in TWO YEARS that I don’t have active acne on my
face. I’ve been using my Qure for 1 month now and it has completely
qured my acne. It’s gone AND it’s healing all my scars and pox marks. I was literally on the verge of suicide because of my horrible skin. This device SAVED MY LIFE!!!.”

Michelle S.

Zero Maskne for 8 weeks

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“I thought it was only working on my breakouts, zero Maskne for 8 weeks now, BUT thank goodness for Before and After because even I was shocked! My followers have noticed a difference in my skin the past few weeks and now I understand what they’re seeing. The difference isn’t huge but enough that it postpones surgery which I can’t afford right now.”

Anton M.

Can’t go a day without it

Reviewed in Australia

Verified customer

"I started getting the usual teenage acne. It got very bad. I tried everything, I tried diets, I went completely vegan. I tried all sorts ofskincare, expensive and cheap. Straight away I noticed results with Qure, after the first week I had noactive breakouts anymore.

People ask me now how have I got my skin to be hydrated, acne-free,looking bright with no redness. I'm so reliant on the Qure mask now. Idon't think I can go a day without using it."

June T.

Amazing results!

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“Amazing! I never expected this miracle. I’ve had red blotches above my lips for years and they are vastly improved after using the mask daily
for only 6 weeks. I bought it hoping for better skin texture and less wrinkles. It has improved those, but having the redness gone is what I’m
most excited about.”

John P.

Healthier-looking glow

Reviewed in Canada

Verified customer

“My skin feels a lot more clear, considerably less oily, and all round a healthier-looking glow. My breakout scars had even been reduced!”

Jessica K.

Thrilled with the results!

Reviewed in US

Verified customer

"I am 45 so I am fighting signs of aging, but also still dealing with acne flare ups. I haven’t had a single breakout since I started using the mask, plus I notice a definite smoothing of fine wrinkles on my cheeks & around my eyes. I recommend this product to anyone. Well worth the investment."

Qure’s LED light therapy mask is unlike any other skincare device

A portable, FDA-cleared, at-home LED light therapy treatment that is scientifically proven to change your skin for the better. That makes you feel better, too.

Choose between three treatment modes, “Anti-Breakout”“Anti-Aging” or custom treatment zones. Each treatment mode utilizes a combination of market-leading light wavelengths to treat a multitude of skin concerns deep within the skin, where even the best creams and serums can’t reach.

Get all the skin firming, smoothing, clearing benefits with just 1 device.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Clear and prevent acne breakouts

Even skin tone and fade dark spots

Calm redness and reduce inflammation

Lift and firm sagging skin

Clinical-grade LED, personalized to your skin.

See transformative results in less than 12 weeks.

Safe, clinically proven wavelengths of light penetrate the layers of the skin at various depths to trigger natural cellular reactions that treats skin concerns from the inside out, for immediate and long lasting results.

The same technology used in clinics by dermatologists, giving you transformative results conveniently from home, without the clinical price tag.



OPERATION: Wireless, hands-free

USE: Daily after cleansing

WAVELENGTH: 415nm (Blue), 605nm (Amber), 630nm (Red), 660nm (Deep Red), 880nm (Infrared)


LEDs: 160 dual core

USE: Use daily after cleansing, before topical skincare

ANTI-AGING TREATMENT: 605nm (Amber), 630nm (Red), 660nm (Deep Red), 880nm (Infrared)

ANTI-BREAKOUT TREATMENT: 415nm (Blue), 630nm (Red)

CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT: Choose treatment modes on 5 different facial areas

SKIN TYPE: Most suitable for Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV

Qure Mobile App

Your skin is unique, so your treatment should be too.

Qure’s LED Light Therapy Mask comes with a companion iPhone/Android app.

Select from our range of treatments across five different facial areas to treat and target what your skin needs today. So you can help prevent breakouts on your chin while smoothing the appearance of “crow’s feet” at the same time.

You’ll never miss a treatment with Qure mobile app planner and phone reminders.

Confident skin starts here. Just ask the internet.

Video Thumbnail

Quick start: easy guide to glowy skin


Download the Qure Skincare app and follow the instructions to set up your profile. Then turn on your Bluetooth and pair your Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear with the app.


Wash and dry your face prior to use, removing all makeup. Then place and position the Q-Rejuvalight Pro on your face and adjust the strap so it fits comfortably. Hold button for 2-3 seconds to turn device ON


Open the Qure Skincare app and customize your treatment by selecting which treatment (Anti-Aging or Anti-Breakout) you want on 5 facial areas. Once programmed, then press start.


The treatment will automatically turn OFF after 3 minutes. Remove the Q-Rejuvalight Pro from face and clean with wipe. Then follow Qure All-In-One Face Serum or your regular skin care routine.


The beauty of clinical results from home - without the ‘clinical’ costs

It’s like going to a clinic, minus the on-going costs, the time commitment, the overpromises, the upselling and the hassle.


Q-Rejuvalight Pro LED Mask

Q-Rejuvalight Pro LED Mask

One-time cost investment

  • saves you time
  • comfort and privacy of your own home
  • unlimited treatments
  • only 3 minutes daily
  • no ongoing payments

$300 - $900


In-Clinic/  Dermatologist

per 6 session treatment cost

  • time-consuming commute to clinic
  • when (if) you get an appointment
  • limited treatments
  • requires regular visits
  • ongoing payments required

What makes Qure right for you?

Why is Qure right for you?

(Here’s a comparison, but there is really no comparison)

Hands-free, cordless and rechargable
Light Colors
Each wIth specific skin benefits
Infrared Circulation & Protects Collagen
Deep Red Reduces Wrinkles & Redness
Red Boosts Collagen & Firms
Amber Sun Damage & Pigmentation
Blue Acne & Breakouts
FDA - cleared
Customizable treatments
Hands-free, cordless and rechargable
App companion
Number of Diodes
Treatment Time
Full face

Treat beyond the face

Perfect combination to the Q-Rejuvalight Pro LED mask for the ultimate skin rejuvenation experience. Target the delicate area of neck and décolletage that often gets overlooked.

Neck & Décolletage LED Light Therapy

97% customer satisfaction rate

Safe, non-invasive LED treatment. We recommend three to five 10-minute treatments per week for the best results.

  • Rejuvenate skin where the first signs of aging show – thin skin, wrinkles, sun spots, age spots and more.
  • Repairs sun-damaged skin, reduces the appearance of redness, and fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Evens skin tone and boosts firmness for radiant, younger-looking skin.
Buy Now - $299

The answers to your questions

The Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear has a total of 5 clinically-proven wavelengths of light and offers two treatment modes:

  • Infrared light (880 nm): Increases circulation, protects existing collagen and enhances product absorption.
  • Deep Red (660 nm): Accelerates skin healing to fade and prevent scarring. Builds collagen to help reduce wrinkles.
  • Red (630 nm): Stimulates collagen and elastin production, firms and plumps skin, repairs skin cells and promotes hydration to help reduce inflammation, redness and rosacea.
  • Amber (605 nm): Reduces appearance of dark spots. Soothes skin and calms swelling and inflammation.
  • Blue (415 nm): Anti-bacterial, eliminates and prevents acne breakouts. Soothes and calms skin.

There are two treatment modes:

The Anti-Aging Treatment combines red, deep red, infrared and amber wavelengths which is why the LED lights appear to be an orange color. This combination stimulates collagen, help reduce redness, fine lines, dark spots while encouraging the skin to heal and rejuvenate itself, for visibly smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin. 

The Anti-Breakout Treatment combines red and blue wavelengths to destroy the bacteria that causes acne, regulate oil production, reduce redness and other symptoms when a flare-up occurs for clearer skin.

YES! Our Q-Rejuvalight Pro LED mask is the world’s first customizable, FDA-cleared at-home LED mask that is proven to be an effective and safe treatment for acne, and aging skin issues. You may find more details on the FDA website (K230042).

Every individual may respond differently to specific wavelengths of lights and results will depend on the goal you want to achieve.

Most users see a reduction of acne breakouts and redness quicker than they expect.

Smoother lines, improved skin tone and firmness can take longer.

The day-to-day changes will be subtle, so be sure to take "before and after" pictures to document progress. The most important thing to remember is that results are cumulative, so consistent daily treatment is key.

The Q-Rejuvalight Pro has been tested and cleared for eye safety. It has successfully passed the IEC62471 evaluation for eye safety test, which is used to determine whether a device's light output is safe for the eyes or not.

Regardless, we recommend closing your eyes and wearing protective eyewear during treatment. The light can be bright when powered on and some users may experience sensitivity, even when closing their eyes. 

As part of our unwavering commitment to your safety, we decided to take the initiative to include FREE light blocking protective eyewear with our Q-Rejuvalight Pro LED mask that works seamlessly during your treatment.

It's crucial to note that skin types V and VI (on the fitzpatrick scale) are more sensitive for light therapy as they can absorb more light than other skin types. The reason is that skin type V and VI have higher levels of melanin in the skin. Melanin in the epidermis allows higher absorption of energy which increases the risk of adverse events from epidermal injury in people with skin type V and VI. This is why the FDA recommends caution for individuals with these skin types. 

Based on our experience, numerous customers with skin types V and VI have successfully treated their skin with our Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear, reporting positive results. 

For customers with skin types V and VI, we highly recommend consulting with your dermatologist before using our Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear. This step is crucial as skin reactions can vary from person to person, and what works well for one individual may not be suitable for another.

Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear comes with one (1) year warranty covering any manufacturer related problems resulting from everyday use of the product. However, this device is designed to last years! Proudly designed in Australia.

Most people can benefit from the Q-Rejuvalight Pro. Whether the goal is to treat acne, help reduce the visible signs of aging, or both, prevention is better than correction. So the sooner the Q-Rejuvalight Pro becomes part of your routine, the better.

The Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear can be used day or night, ideally after cleaning and/or exfoliation.

After the treatment is complete, follow with your topical skincare products of choice.

Real reviews, real results

from people just like you.

Real reviews, real results
from people just like you.

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    Lamya I.
    United StatesUnited States
    I recommend this product
    • Skin Type CombinationOily
    • Skin Concern Breakouts and AcneFine Lines and WrinklesDark Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

    So far so good

    Been using it for a month and can see a difference in fine lines and acne scars. Hopeful this will translate to great looking skin longterm

    Daisy P.
    I recommend this product
    • Skin Type OilySensitive
    • Skin Concern Breakouts and AcneDark Spots and Uneven Skin ToneInflammation and Redness

    Great Product

    Overall great experience using this product

    Ling P.
    United StatesUnited States
    I recommend this product
    • What is your skin type? Dry
    • What are your skin concerns? Fine Lines and WrinklesDark Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

    Great mask

    I’m using it every nite after face wash. So far I haven’t notice much yet but very convenient and easy to use

    Qure Skincare Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear Review
    M R.
    New ZealandNew Zealand
    I recommend this product
    • Skin Type Combination
    • Skin Concern Breakouts and AcneInflammation and Redness


    Has made such a massive on my acne. Still getting breakouts but they disappear way quicker. Took maybe 2 days to start working. Pics are about 3 weeks difference.

    Qure Skincare Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear Review
    Alyssa D.
    United StatesUnited States
    I recommend this product
    • Skin Type Combination
    • Skin Concern Breakouts and AcneFine Lines and Wrinkles


    I feel like my acne has been a lot better and everyone has been saying my skin is glowing. Also thinking my pores have shrunk!!

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