An app for out-of-this world skincare

Your skin’s unique. So your treatment should be. Step into the world of personalized skincare with the Qure Skincare App. It gives you full control of your clinical-grade LED light therapy treatments. No more visits to beauty clinics, no more waiting rooms at the dermatologist.


“The professional grade is the perfect addition to any
at-home skincare routine.”
“If you're on the hunt for a red light therapy tool that checks all of the boxes (who isn't?!), Qure's Light Therapy Mask is your answer.”
“If you're unsure of what your skin needs, you can get the right treatment out of your LED face mask. That way, you can mask in total confidence.”
“Qure Light Therapy Mask features five different types of light.... You can customize and track your progress using Qure’s app.”

world skincare awaits you

Out-of-this world
skincare awaits you

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Micro-Infusion Facial System

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines, pores and dark spots.
  • Infuse active ingredients into your skin.
  • Immediately visible results, minimal downtime!
  • Virtually painless, and performed safely from home.




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