Get clinic-level results from home- minus the ‘clinical’ costs.

50,000+customers feel more confident in their own skin.

Why Qure?

Science-Backed, Dermatologist Approved

Backed by the most respected peer-reviewed Dermatologist Journals and scientific studies that prove; Qure’s skincare works.

Safe and Easy To Use

Perform safely from home for quick and easy regular DIY therapies so you can maintain long term smooth and healthy skin.

Saves You Time, and Money

No one has the time, or the money, to attend regular in-clinic treatments in order to see long lasting results. With Qure, it’s like going to the clinic 5x a week - Minus the cost and the time commitment.

Clinically Proven Results

Keep your skin looking like you for longer. We put clinically proven technology and skincare that’s backed by science in your hands, so you can achieve in-clinic results without the guess work.

Science-backed skincare that’s proven to work.

Want smoother fine lines? Even toned complexion? Clearer skin?
Reclaim your confidence at any age, no matter what your skin concern is.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Michelle S.

Verified customer


smoother facial wrinkles and fine lines after 12 weeks.

In a Clinical Trial...

...8 out of 10 subjects reported a significant reduction in periorbital wrinkles.

Read More About Clinical Study

Clinical Study

87% experienced a reduction in the Fitzpatrick wrinkling severity score via a blinded clinical assessment. Improvements in skin appearance observed in LED-treated individuals suggested that LED at 660 nm is a safe and effective collagen-enhancement strategy. No adverse events or downtime were reported.

About the clinical trial

Clinical trial was conducted and investigated the potential of light-emitting diode (LED) treatments with a 660 nm. LED effects were then assessed in aged/photoaged individuals in a split-face single-blinded study.

Reference: SOURCE: J Invest Dermatol. 2009 Dec;129(12):2751-9. doi: 10.1038/jid.2009.186. Epub 2009 Jul 9

Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear
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Skin Tone and Texture

Mica A.

Verified customer


improved clarity, smoother texture and skin appearance.

In a Clinical Trial...

...9 out of 10 users reported a noticeable difference in skin texture and clarify after treatment.

Micro-Infusion Facial System
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Acne and Breakouts

BJ Nardi.

Verified customer


reduction of acne breakouts after 12 weeks.

In a Clinical Trial...

...Acne count was significantly reduced by 81% after 12 weeks

Read More About Clinical Study

Clinical Study

After 4 weeks: The mean lesion count reduction was significant at 46%

After 12 weeks: The mean lesion count reduction was also significant at 81%.

Patient and dermatologist assessments were similar. Severe acne showed a marginally better response than mild acne. Side effects were minimal and transitory. Comedones did not respond as well as inflammatory lesions.

About the clinical trial

Clinical trial was conducted on twenty-four subjects, Fitzpatrick skin types II-V, with mild to severe symmetric facial acne vulgaris. Subjects were treated, alternating between 415 nm blue light and 633 nm red light from a light-emitting diode (LED)-based therapy system. Acne was assessed at baseline and at weeks 2, 4, 8 and 12.

Reference: J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2006 Jun;8(2):71-5. doi: 10.1080/14764170600735912.

Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear
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Pigmentation and Dark Spots


Verified customer


improved skin tone and enhanced smoothness after 12 weeks.

In a Clinical Trial...

...10 out of 10 subjects experienced improved skin complexion.

Read More About Clinical Study

Clinical Study

Treatment of the periorbital region was reported more effective than the nasolabial region. At 12-week follow-up, 91% of subjects reported improved skin tone, and 82% reported enhanced smoothness of skin in the treatment area.

About the clinical trial

Clinical trial was conducted to assess reduction in sun damage signs following 12 weeks of LED therapy with combined wavelengths of 633 and 830 nm. Sun-damage reduction was assessed at 6, 9, and 12 weeks by clinical photography and patient satisfaction scores.

Reference: SOURCE: J Invest Dermatol. 2009 Dec;129(12):2751-9. doi: 10.1038/jid.2009.186. Epub 2009 Jul 9

Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear
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Trusted and recommended by world leading Dermatologists

Trusted and recommended by world leading Dermatologists

"The best LED mask the market in my opinion at this time,that being said you do need to use this consistently to see results..."

Dr Shah, MD Certified Dermatologist

"The Qure mask wins the LED device mask off..."

Dr Maxfield, MD Certified Dermatologist



"There have been studies to show that this will definitely work to help your products penetrate better..."

Dr Shah & Dr Maxfield, Certified Dermatologist

"This is one of my faves from @qureskincare. It’s a high quality mask and personalizable."

Dr Maxfield, Board Certified Dermatologist

"Qure's anti-ageing treatment gets down deep into your skin to stimulate collagen & makes a big difference in skin texture, decreasing fine lines & wrinkles."

Dr Greeney, Board Certified Dermatologist

"Qure has a fully customized mask which has 5 clinical-grade wavelength for anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation and acne and app makes it very easy to customize and control..."

Dr Prem, Board Certified Dermatologist

"I like this one because it allows you to customize your treatment... This is a great skin care investment."

Dr Natasha Henry, Medical Doctor

Micro-Infusion System

At-home facial treatment that transforms dull-looking skin. Designed to reduce the look of fine lines and pores with minimal to no downtime for visibly glowing skin!


Light Therapy Mask

FDA cleared, dermatologist recommended, at-home LED Light
Therapy Mask that’s proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, redness, pigmentation, and acne. Connects with app to customize, plan and track treatments.


All-In-One Face Serum

Multi-tasking face serum reduces appearance of fine lines and
improves look of dark spots with Argireline® Peptides, Retinol, Bakuchiol, Niacinamide, Vit C, Vit E, Ferulic Acid.

Personalized treatments for your specific skin type and needs

Your skin is unique. So your treatment should be too.

LED light therapy works be emitting infrared lights in different wavelengths (like red or blue). And each wavelength has its own benefits: red light, for example, stimulates collagen production and blue light kills bacteria.

If you deal with things like sagging or wrinkling skin, acne, or inflammation, you should try Qure light therapy.

Stimulate collagen production

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

Evens skin tone and smooths texture

Immediate, long lasting results

Clear and prevent breakouts

Proven results, backed by science

The beauty of clinical results from home - without the ‘clinical’ costs

It’s like going to a clinic, minus the on-going costs, the time commitment, the overpromises,
the upselling and the hassle.


Pro LED Mask

Q-Rejuvalight  Pro LED Mask

one-time cost investment

  • saves you time
  • comfort and convenience of your own home
  • unlimited treatments
  • only 3 minutes daily
  • no ongoing payments

$300 - $900


In-Clinic/  Dermatologist

per 6 session treatment cost

  • time-consuming commute to clinic
  • when (if) you get an appointment
  • limited treatments
  • requires regular visits
  • ongoing payments required

The future of skincare is

bright Our story

Personalized solutions for your skin’s unique needs

Answer a few questions and we’ll tell you how to achieve your skincare goals.

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Micro-Infusion Facial System

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  • Infuse active ingredients into your skin.
  • Immediately visible results, minimal downtime!
  • Virtually painless, and performed safely from home.




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