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Does Drinking Water Help Clear Your Skin?

Written by Our Editorial Team

Written by Our Editorial Team

Every time you search for skin care advice, there is always someone telling you that drinking water is the key to have a healthy and glowing skin. It is a fact that staying hydrated is important for your overall health, but can drinking water keep your acne at bay?

The idea of water as a catch-all miracle for better skin isn’t exactly new, drinking water alone cannot get rid of skin issues. It would be amazing if it did, however, skin problems like acne are usually caused by external factors such as:

  • Too much oil being produced by your follicles
  • Clogged pores due to dead skin cells
  • Bacteria build-up

These contribute to the development of pimples. A pimple appears when bacteria grows in a clogged pore and the oil is unable to escape. Aside from these, internal factors can also increase the risk of acne, like hormonal changes. These changes can trigger oil production, leading to pimple breakouts.

The best way to deal with acne is to treat your skin from the outside with a good skin-care routine. Here are some tips that you can follow:

Properly wash your face. It’s important to remove excess oil, dirt, and sweat daily to help prevent pimples. However, don’t wash your face with harsh cleansers, this can result in dry skin. Use an alcohol-free cleanser.

Moisturize. Dry skin causes pimples. Moisturizers help skin stay hydrated.

Limit sun exposure. Frequent sun exposure dehydrates the skin, which causes it to produce more oil and block pores. In addition, UV rays contribute to premature skin ageing. If you need to go outside and can’t avoid the sun, make sure to wear your sunscreen.

Aside from these, you may also tackle skin issues from the inside-out by paying attention to your diet. The best start would be avoiding known triggers of acne like dairy products, high amounts of sugar, and simple carbohydrates.

People may have been right about drinking water to stay healthy, but it won't miraculously zap your zits. However, don't let that stop you from staying hydrated! Remember, dehydration leads to dry skin, and dry skin causes pimples. Drinking a good amount of water everyday will keep you hydrated, and works from the inside out to help you feel your best.

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