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At-Home Skincare Treatments Are All the Rage. Here’s Why

Written by Our Editorial Team

Written by Our Editorial Team

Have you wasted time and money on false promises of better skin? Scouring the drugstore’s skin care aisle for creams, oils, and peel-off masks that promise healthier skin with minimal effort… only to be left disappointed.

You find yourself back at the store, switching to another topical product. You hope that one will be the holy grail but you’re left with minimal results once more.

You may have wondered when clinic-based treatments come in. They work more effectively because they deliver results based on processes, not just specific formulas.

It’s exciting to think of splurging on an amazing facial or treatment and dreaming of better skin. Except, the truth is, they aren’t as sustainable, because not everyone can afford the treatments 3-5 times a month to really see long-term results.

If you find yourself stuck in between wanting more from your everyday products but not quite ready to break the bank on office treatments, you may feel the frustration and not know what to do!

We’re here to tell you, it’s not about switching creams, but changing the process.

At-Home Clinical Grade Treatments: The Goldilox of Skincare

What you need is something proven—an at-home clinical-grade treatment. According to Women’s Wear Daily, “medical-grade skin care earned its place as the largest segment of the skin care market in 2020 and continues to gain momentum.” There are lots of reasons why more and more people are turning toward medical-grade skin care. Below you’ll find our favorite reasons to give it a try.

Reason #1: Science-Backed Ingredients

Skincare brands who focus on top-grade quality like Qure use potent and well-researched ingredients such as retinol, niacinamide, and other highly concentrated actives to provide superior results.

If you’re a skincare nerd, even better. Knowledge means you get to be a part of what goes into your products, and onto your skin. 

In general, these ingredients:

  • Root themselves in academic research.
  • Provide transparency about the ingredients used.
  • Are more potent and meaningful for your skin.

Personalized treatments for your specific skin type and needs. Your skin is unique. So your treatment should be too.

Reason #2: Value for Money

Similar to the point above, science-backed ingredients are not just safer for your skin and peace of mind, but more potent formulas are the most effective buy. This means:


  • Less wasted product overall. 
  • Less wasted time hoping for results.
  • Fewer products to cycle through.

  • While the products themselves may sport a higher price tag, a little goes a long way to truly enhance your skin. If you’ve been “seeking better value for money,” this is your best bet.
    Reason #3: Convenience

    Your skin is only as good as your consistency. Going to one big expensive treatment is not going to provide long-lasting results—and you may not have the time or budget to go to weekly visits. At-home treatments mean:

    • Easy to do whenever it is convenient.
    • No need to get into your car for trips to an office.
    • No need to book anything on your calendar.

    Even if you do eventually opt for an in-office treatment, however, medical-grade skin care will help prolong the results. So it’s a win-win!

    Finding the Right Balance

    With the right investment, it is possible to find a regimen that doesn’t leave you disappointed. Opting for at-home, science-backed skincare could be the approach you need for long-term results without breaking the bank. We hope you find the right balance that works for your skin deserves – and your wallet.

    *Reference: SOURCE: J Invest Dermatol. 2009 Dec;129(12):2751-9. doi: 10.1038/jid.2009.186. Epub 2009 Jul 9

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