When will I see results?

Micro-infusion treatment is an effective skin booster treatment, and you’ll likely notice a radiance boost, softer fine lines and overall a healthy fresh complexion in the next day or two.

The more treatments you perform the greater skin benefits over time you’ll receive. This quick and easy home facial is perfect to perform a day or two before a big event, when you need to look to boost your skin’s complexion, fast.

Don’t forget to keep up with your everyday skincare routine to boost the effectiveness of your Micro-Infusion results and keep skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing long-term.

How often can I do the treatment?

We recommend a Micro-Infusion treatment every 2 weeks for the best results!

When is the best time to do micro infusion?

We recommend doing the treatment at night before bed. Avoid being in the sun and using makeup for 24 hours after the treatment. For more information.

What are the benefits of Microinfusion?

The needles of the Micro-Infusion device and the stamping action triggers the body’s natural healing process and in turn boosts the production of collage, making your skin look firmer and fine lines look softer.

The serum booster that you choose to infuse during your Micro-Infusion will determine the major benefits of your treatment. Very fine hollow needles infuse micro-droplets of concentrated serum at a specific depth into the dermis (top layer) of your skin precisely where they are needed to accelerate absorption of active ingredients that target specific skin concerns.

You can switch up your treatments and even mix the two serums together!

A few more benefits:

  • More even skin tone and texture
  • Glowing, fresh complexion
  • Softer fine lines
  • Firmer, rejuvenated skin

Are there any side effects?

Everyone’s skin is different. You may experience a bit of skin redness for the first few hours after treatment. However, this should be minimal and disappear quickly.

We recommend consulting with your dermatologist or doctor before use if you suffer from any skin condition. A patch test on an area of your skin that isn't too exposed prior to treatment is also recommended, to have a better understanding of how your skin will react and the downtime you should expect.

What does Micro-Infusion treatment feel like? Does it hurt?

It feels like a tiny prick. Most people say it’s completely painless.

The ultra-fine needles (0.5mm length) in our Microinfusion devices mean that you’ll feel minimal pain during treatment. While you may feel a bit of discomfort or a prick here and there when first starting the treatment, you will get used to the feeling quite quickly.

What’s the difference between home micro-needling rolling and Micro-Infusion?

Micro-needling focuses on stimulating your body's own collagen by creating micro-injuries. But it doesn’t deliver any ingredients directly into your skin.

With Micro-Infusion, you not only reap the benefits of micro-needling, but also deliver active ingredient solutions to target your specific skin concerns - This makes it work quicker and more effectively.

How many treatments do I get out of one Micro-Infusion device?

Each needle head is to be used one time per treatment, and disposed of after each treatment. This minimizes the risk of infection and unnecessary damage to the skin. Use one full serum ampoule per treatment.

Can I use any serum with my Micro-Infusion device?

Please keep in mind that not all serums are suitable for micro-infusion. Some may cause irritation and should be avoided! We have developed our potent serum ampoules that are perfect for Qure’s micro infusion system. They are formulated to have low risk of irritation and with no fragrance.

How do I clean the device?

Once you’ve finished stamping your way to brighter and plumper skin, follow the below cleaning instructions:

  1. Twist off the needle head with the cap attached and safely dispose.
  2. Wash the chamber out with water and gentle cleanser.
  3. Let the device air dry completely, on a clean surface, before packing away.
  4. Open a brand new needle head packet and attach the needle head onto the device. Ensure hands are clean and don’t open the cap of the needle head.