“This is an amazing product that you will not regret in purchasing it. 
I really see the change in my skin.”

Ellie V.
Verified Customer
collection img
Q-urify Water Filter
Get clearer, hydrated skin on tap! Filters tap water to reduce skin irritants. Proven to improve skin barrier for healthier ski...
Save $216
collection img
Confidence Booster Bundle
Micro-Infusion 3 Month Bundle (Micro-Infusion device, 5 needle heads, 3 Rejuvenating Serums, 3 Hydra-Soothing serums) Q-urify ...
collection img
Q-urify Replacement Water Filter
Replacement cartridge for the Q-urify Water Filter for 3 months of pure water. Get clearer, hydrated skin on tap! Filters tap w...
collection img
Trusted and recommended by world-leading dermatologists

"The best LED mask on the market in my opinion at this time, that being said you do need to use this consistently to see results..."

Dr Shah, MD Certified Dermatologist
Save $89
collection img
Daily Essentials Bundle
Q-Rejuvalight Pro LED Face Mask   Q-urify Water Filter
Save $176
collection img
Pure Radiance Bundle
Micro-Infusion 3 Month Bundle (Hydra-Soothing + Rejuvenating) All-In-One Face Serum Q-urify Water Filter 
Save $59
collection img
Hydra Glow Bundle
Q-urify Water Filter All-In-One Face Serum

Results you‘ll see with your own eyes

Teresa S.


Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“I was very skeptical when my husband bought this mask for me. But after 6mo the results are amazing!! I’ve tried numerous serums for my sun spots but nothing worked until I used this mask. Definitely worth the money."

Tiffany L.

Renewed Skin!

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

"My Qure mask has been amazing! As someone who struggles with acne and rosacea, your LED light therapy mask has improved my skin so much that I can now feel comfortable without any makeup. I’m very happy with this product!"

Anton M.

Can’t go a day without it

Reviewed in Australia

Verified customer

"I started getting the usual teenage acne. It got very bad. I tried everything, I tried diets, I went completely vegan. I tried all sorts ofskincare, expensive and cheap. Straight away I noticed results with Qure, after the first week I had noactive breakouts anymore.

People ask me now how have I got my skin to be hydrated, acne-free,looking bright with no redness. I'm so reliant on the Qure mask now. Idon't think I can go a day without using it."

Michelle S.

Zero Maskne for 8 weeks

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“I thought it was only working on my breakouts, zero Maskne for 8 weeks now, BUT thank goodness for Before and After because even I was shocked! My followers have noticed a difference in my skin the past few weeks and now I understand what they’re seeing. The difference isn’t huge but enough that it postpones surgery which I can’t afford right now.”

June T.

Amazing results!

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“Amazing! I never expected this miracle. I’ve had red blotches above my lips for years and they are vastly improved after using the mask daily for only 6 weeks. I bought it hoping for better skin texture and less wrinkles. It has improved those, but having the redness gone is what I’m
most excited about.”


So much smoother

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“After few weeks of using it everyday I already can see a difference in my skin - so much more smooth, less red and itchy, pores are smaller and I have less congestion bumps.”

John P.

Healthier-looking glow

Reviewed in Canada

Verified customer

“My skin feels a lot more clear, considerably less oily, and all round a healthier-looking glow. My breakout scars had even been reduced!”

BJ Nardi

Completely qured my acne

Reviewed in Canada

Verified customer

“This is the first time in TWO YEARS that I don’t have active acne on my face. I’ve been using my Qure for 1 month now and it has completely qured my acne. It’s gone AND it’s healing all my scars and pox marks. I was literally on the verge of suicide because of my horrible skin. This device SAVED MY LIFE!!!.”

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