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Age like a PRO:
See difference after one treatment

Age like a PRO:
See difference after one treatment

4.8/5 Based on 43,893 Users

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  • Reduces appearance of fine lines, pores, dark spots and acne scars.
  • Quick and effective DIY facial for visibly younger-looking skin.
  • Virtually painless and performed conveniently from home with fast results

The go-to skin treatment for the ultimate confidence booster

Skip the expensive and time consuming clinic visits, and stop paying hundreds of dollars on skincare products that can’t penetrate deep enough into your skin to fix your concerns...

We are making self-care affordable and convenient.

You can now perform a Micro-Infusion facial, that was once only performed by dermatologists at exclusive clinics, from home for roughly a fraction of the ‘in-clinic’ cost.

Men can’t get enough of this treatment!


Introducing the Qure Micro-Infusion System

4.8/5 Based on 43,893 Users

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and redness.
  • Wake up to firmer-looking, smoother-feeling skin.
  • Reveal more hydrated, fresh looking skin.
  • Help fade the look of dark spots and acne scars.

4 Reasons why everyone can’t get enough

The home facial your skincare routine is missing that saves you hundreds of dollars every month

Saves time, money and hassle of attending in-clinic treatments.

Easy DIY facial performed from the comfort & convenience of home.

Quick 5 minute way to help boost skin with little to no downtime.

Improved absorption of serum that’s customized to address your specific concerns.

Join the league and feel good about the skin you’re in

David G.

Amazing product

Reviewed in Australia

Verified customer

“I was skeptical at first, but after using the Micro Infusion Device for a few weeks, I'm blown away by the results. My skin looks and feels noticeably smoother. Highly recommend giving it a try!”

John M.

My skin looks so healthy!

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

First time trying micro-infusion and wow, what a difference! Haven’t tried any other treatments but one day after Qure’s and my skin already feels firmer, looks plumper, and definitely healthier. Big fan already. Highly recommend giving it a go!


Strengthened skin

Reviewed in Philippines

Verified customer

"My skin has definitely improved and strengthened since using the Micro-infusion device with serum as well. It is less costly than going to a cosmetic dermatologist and it is easy-to-use at home. So far I’m loving this! Didn’t hurt, skin wasn’t irritated after, feels and looks great! Looking forward to my next treatment!"

Dylan B.

Acne scars faded

Reviewed in United States

Verified customer

“Qure Micro Infusion has been a game-changer for me. After struggling with acne scarring and dark spots for years, I can finally say goodbye to them. I feel more confident than ever before. It's a must-try for anyone dealing with similar skin concerns.”


Clearer skin overnight

Reviewed in Australia

Verified customer

I noticed huge improvements after using Qure’s micro infusion system with clearer skin overnight. It did hurt a little at the start but I got use to it quickly. Would definitely recommend this 👏🏽

Qure’s Micro-Infusion System has a one-two punch, making it uniquely effective.


First, it allows you to “stamp” your skin with 24K gold clinical-grade needles. This creates controlled trauma in your skin, which can help boost the feel of firmness and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The needles are thinner than human hair, so you will hardly even feel them.


Second, the invisible micro-channels infuse the top layer of your skin with serums, that are packed with science backed ingredients.

This helps ingredients to penetrate into your skin and increase absorption.

Perfect for anyone wanting to add a fresh, dewy glowing look to their skin, especially before an event or occasion.

Reviewed by world leading Dermatologists

Reviewed by world leading Dermatologists

"...[Qure's Micro-Infusion] will help your products penetrate better"

Dr Shah, MD, Certified Dermatologist

"In terms of safety, the micro stamping devices, this [Qure's Micro-Infusion] is great..."

Dr Maxfield, MD, Certified Dermatologist

"The Qure’s System is the closest thing that you can get to bringing your aesthetician home with you!"

Dr Anthony Youn Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

"The Qure micro-infusion system takes it a step further by not only increasing hydration but also delivering growth factors right where they need to be.”

Dr Dylan Greeney Board-Certified Dermatologist

"These needles in Qure's micro-infusion system are sterile and for one-time use only, safe to use, have minimal down time, and is effective!"

Dr Scott Walter, MD Board-Certified Dermatologist

"Qure’s Micro-Infusion system stamps your skin in a perpendicular fashion, allows skin care ingredients to effectively penetrate."

Dr Noman Mohamed, MD Board-Certified Dermatologist

Confident skin starts here

Skip the in-clinic visits and
get glowing results from home

Let’s Compare

Results in
Skin Safe

Micro-Infusion System

As little as 1-2 days
Tailored to your skin needs
Minimal downtime & Virtually Painless
Less than $20 per treatment

Clinic Treatment

As little as 1-2 days
Tailored to your skin needs
Minimal downtime & Virtually Painless
Around $300 per treatment

Typically more effective and safer than other at-home needling devices

Unlike at-home needle roller devices, Micro-infusion requires little to no downtime,is virtually painless, and minimizes risk of infection and irritation.

Qure Micro-Infusion System

Qure Micro-Infusion System

  • Stamping doesn’t over-damage skin
  • Little to no downtime & quick recovery of the skin
  • New needle heads provide sharp, straight needles for every treatment - designed for better efficacy
  • Disposable heads minimizes risk of infection/ irritation
  • Delivers serum directly to skin to help increase absorption & results

Other At-Home Needling Devices

Other At-Home Needling Devices

  • Rolling can cause unnecessary damage of skin
  • Slower recovery & longer healing time
  • Needles become blunt after several uses & create unessesary skin trauma which can lessen efficacy
  • Infection/ irritation is increased if not disinfected well
  • Less effective absorption of serum as applied topically

See how easy Micro-Infusion is — wake up with smoother-feeling skin

5 minutes total, every 2-4 weeks

See how easy Micro-Infusion is — wake up with smoother-feeling skin

5 minutes total, every 2-4 weeks

Twist open the chamber of the device and fill with one ampule of serum. Twist on needle head with lid to close it tight.


Leave the device upside down for 1-2 minutes. During this time, wash your face and make sure your hands are clean.


Once the serum has had enough time to make its way into the needles, you can take off the lid and start micro-infusing!


Start at the centre of the face and work your way outward to cover the full face. Take any leftover serum from the device and pat it onto your face and neck to leave on overnight.


Once treatment is completed, place lid back on the needle head. Twist the lid off and dispose safely. Open a new sterile needle head and put it on the device ready for your next treatment.


Science-backed Micro-Infusion serums

Choose the exact serum to use in your Micro-Infusion treatment, or get both and mix them together to experience a complete set of benefits that addresses your specific skin concerns.

Dark Spots & Uneven Skin Tone

Rejuvenating Serum


dark spots

Promotes even
skin tone

Reveals a smoother, brighter looking, and evenly radiant complexion to generate a glow effect. Renewal properties to help fade the appearance of dark spots and restore even-looking, smoother-feeling skin.

Skin Concerns: Designed for skin with discolouration, rough texture, enlarged pores, acne marks and dark spots.

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF):
Works at a cellular level to repair and rejuvenate skin. Reduces appearance of wrinkles, improves hydration, and prevents pigmentation.

Niacinamide: Superstar ingredient that helps with most skin concerns from soothing to brightening and clarifying, and reducing look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tranexamic Acid: Helps to fade look of dark spots and discolouration. Assists with brightening and evening look of skin tone.

All ingredients:
Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Zemea Propanediol 1,3, Vegetable Glycerin, MacDermaTM TA (Tranexamic Acid), Niacinamide, Panthenol, Chrysanthellum indicum extract, Tripeptide-1 / Oligopeptide-1, Evermild EHG (Ethylhexylglycerin), Allantoin, Xanthan Gum, sh-Oligopeptide-1.

“I have a very dry skin, and finding effective solutions has been a challenge. I hate greasy creams that sit on top of my skin. Micro-Infusion hydrated my skin on a deeper level. Trust me, this stuff is a game-changer!”

James - Dallas, USA


Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Hydra-Soothing Serum

Reduces the look of
fine lines & wrinkles

Helps soothe


Ultra hydration. Hydrates to help plump skin, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce redness, and supports the skin barrier for firmer-feeling, supple looking skin.

Skin Concerns: Designed for dull looking skin with wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration, dryness and redness,

Beta Glucan: A tall glass of water for your skin. Boosts skin barrier, smooths skin, antioxidant.

Niacinamide: Superstar ingredient that helps with most skin concerns from soothing to brightening and clarifying, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Tripeptide-1 Peptide: Proven to stimulate the production of dermal protein, which slows the skin's ageing process. Helps the skin retain water and restore elasticity, reduce appearance of wrinkles.

All ingredients:
Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Zemea Propanediol 1,3, Vegetable Glycerin, Panthenol, Niacinamide, Myrothmnus Flabellifolia leaf / stem extract Water / Butylene Glycol / 4’Hydroxyacetophenone, Oat Beta Glucan, Chrysanthellum indicum extract, Evermild EHG (Ethylhexylglycerin), Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Sodium Hyaluronate (VLMW), Allantoin.

“No pain, and no hassle. But what really got me was the results – my skin felt tighter and smoother.”

James T - Miami, USA

Try it now with zero risk.
Our 90-day money-back guarantee

You have 90 days to try Qure’s Micro-Infusion System with our 3 month supply to see and feel the skin-changing effects of 6 treatments!



Choose your treatment options

Rest assured that all orders are one-time purchases.

You will not be charged again in the subsequent months, and there are no hidden charges.

When you are ready to reorder your treatment, you can purchase needle heads and serum of choice.

Choose your treatment options

Rest assured that all orders are one-time purchases. You will not be charged again in the subsequent months, and there are no hidden charges.

When you are ready to reorder your treatment, you can purchase needle heads and serum of choice.

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Have questions about MicroInfusion? Chat with us!

What you should know for the best results

The Qure Micro-Infusion System is designed with your safety in mind.

Unlike popular at-home derma rollers, our stamper device features single-use sterile heads that help minimise the risk of infection or unnecessary skin damage caused by blunt and multi-use needles.

For more information on the treatment protocol, please click button below for the full treatment guide.

Below are a few rules you should follow while using your Qure Micro-Infusion System:


Before treatment:

  • Perform patch test first to have a better understanding of how your skin will react
  • Ensure your face and hands are clean

After treatment:

  • Apply the rest of the serum post-treatment and leave on overnight
  • Dispose the needle head safely and use new needle head per treatment
  • Wash out the serum chamber

Before treatment:

  • Avoid stamping directly on active breakouts
  • Don’t use with serums other than those in Qure’s system

After treatment:

  • Avoid being in the sun for 24 hours
  • Avoid touching face with dirty hands
  • Avoid acids and exfoliating products for 24 hours
See Treatment Protocol

The answers to your questions

Micro-Infusion treatment is an effective skin booster treatment, and you’ll notice a radiance boost, softer fine lines and overall a healthy fresh complexion in the next day or two.

The more treatments you perform the greater skin benefits over time you’ll receive! This quick and easy home facial is perfect to perform a day or two before a big event, when you need to look to boost your skin’s complexion, fast.

Don’t forget to keep up with your everyday skincare routine to boost the effectiveness of your Microinfusion results and keep skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing long-term.

You get to experience minimal discomfort and maximum results with Qure's Micro-Infusion System!

Although the needles themselves are actually longer than most at-home needling systems (making it more effective), the ultra-fine needles are thinner than a human hair, so that means you’ll feel minimal to no pain during treatment.

During the initial stages of treatment, you may experience a slight sensation or prickling feeling as the needles make contact with the skin but you’ll quickly get used to the feeling quickly.

Yes, you can micro-infuse around the eye area to help smooth crows feet. Just ensure to apply a very gentle pressure and only do 1 pass. Monitor your skin accordingly as everyone’s skin is different!

Performing Micro-Infusion on the neck can help improve the appearance of fine lines, and rejuvenate skin. It can target issues such as neck creases, horizontal lines, and age-related skin concerns to help enhance the overall texture, tone, and youthfulness of the skin.

We recommend a Micro-Infusion treatment every 2 weeks for the best results!

We recommend doing the treatment at night before bed. Avoid being in the sun and using makeup for 24 hours after the treatment. For more information on post treatment care, visit our safety guide.

Each needle head is to be used one time per treatment, and disposed of after each treatment. This minimizes the risk of infection and unnecessary damage to the skin. Use 1 full serum ampoule per treatment.

Please keep in mind that not all serums are suitable for Micro-Infusion. Some may cause irritation and should be avoided! We have developed our potent serum ampoules that are perfect for Qure’s micro infusion system. They are formulated to have low risk of irritation and with no fragrance.

The needles of the Micro-Infusion device and the stamping action triggers the body’s natural healing process and in turn boosts the production of collage, making your skin look firmer and fine lines look softer.

The serum booster that you choose to infuse during your Micro-Infusion will determine the major benefits of your treatment. Very fine hollow needles infuse micro-droplets of concentrated serum at a specific depth into the dermis (top layer) of your skin precisely where they are needed to accelerate absorption of active ingredients that target specific skin concerns.

You can switch up your treatments and even mix the two serums together!

A few more benefits:

  • More even skin tone and texture
  • Glowing, fresh complexion
  • Softer fine lines
  • Firmer, rejuvenated skin
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  • Transforms dull-looking skin, helps reduce appearance of fine lines & smooths texture skin
  • Easy 5-minute facial, serums customized to address your skin concerns for visible results
  • Minimal to no downtime, virtually painless & perform conveniently from home

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Micro-Infusion Facial System

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines, pores and dark spots.
  • Infuse active ingredients into your skin.
  • Immediately visible results, minimal downtime!
  • Virtually painless, and performed safely from home.




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