Micro Infusion Is The Secret To Smooth, Glowing Skin!

Clinics, Dermatologists, and Celebrities Agree – It REALLY Works

The glow up is real – This buzzing skincare trend can give anyone red carpet-ready skin!

Qure Micro Infusion Treatment creates tiny puncture wounds in the top layer of skin, tricking your body into healing itself more quickly to stimulate collagen production, whilst infusing powerful ingredients directly into your skin, chosen by you, to accelerate absorption and treat your specific skin concerns.

Smooth fine lines, even skin tone and texture, minimize pores and much more without having to shell out thousands to skin clinics year after year… Unveil your most healthy, glowing and rejuvenated complexion with Qure’s Micro Infusion!

Trusted by board-dermatologists and estheticians around the world!

What celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian are using for glowing skin.

  • Clinical Results, Minus The Clinical CostsSave hundreds of dollars by learning to do this facial for yourself at home for a fraction of the cost of the usual price in clinics. Get 5-6 treatments from 1 device and pay less than $10 a treatment.
  • Quick and EasyThis healthy skin booster facial is an easy addition to your facial routine. No pain, no side effects or downtime and only takes 5 minutes!
  • Research Proves It Works!Test results don’t lie. According to a consumer study, Lure Essentials users saw fewer wrinkles, firmer skin, crows feet, and more in just 14 days!
  • Fresher, Better Looking SkinGet a radiant skin tone and refresh your complexion, without the pain and downtime of lasers and chemical peels.
  • Rapid and Visible ResultsWhether you're young or old, and deal with blemishes and imperfections around your forehead, chin or cheeks, you’ll see the difference with one treatment and more.
  • 300% Better Serum AbsorptionMicro-channels infuse micro-droplets of our concentrated nourishing serums directly below the skin barrier, allowing the skin to absorb the active ingredients more effectively.
  • 100% Safe and Less DamageMicro-channeling causes much less unnecessary damage to the epidermis than micro-needling, lasers, chemical peels. New skin growth is protected, there is less inflammation – providing quicker healing and longer lasting results.

Infuse the right ingredients for your skin and target your specific concerns for even better results.

Potent, supercharged serums for your skin to drink up during your Micro Infusion treatment. Choose the serum that best matches your skin concerns - it’s your treatment, your skin, your choice.